24th of June - 30th of June

Because of  Malmö Academy of Music it is possible to apply for an Academy course 7,5 points. We have 38 academy positions to fill, and there are new rules for this part of the course!
Look at "Academy Course 2024" for more information
It is possible to apply through www.antagning.se between the 19th of February to the 15th of March


 Anthony Plog - Trumpet/Ensemble

 Jason Evans - Trumpet

Laura Vukobratović - Trumpet

Guglielmo Pellarin - French horn

Ian Bousfield - Trombone

James Markey - Bass Trombone

Sérgio Carolino - Tuba

Per Kristian Svensen - Ensemble/Youth ensemble

Olle Sjöberg - Piano

Ida Mo Schanche - Piano

Åsa Johansson - Piano

We will during the week perform three new pieces composed by three students from the class of Rolf Martinsson at Malmö Academy of Music.

This years composers are: 

Sophie Søs Meyer and Gonçalo Rodrigues 


Blekinge International Brass Academy is a peak for all brass musicians every year.
The course takes part in central Karlskrona, Blekinge, with everything you need at walking distance. Karlskrona has one of the most beautiful Archipelago in Sweden, so if you get some time free it´s close to sun and bath.

The course is divided into four parts which cooperate with each other:

  • The academy course which you only can apply for if you are, or has been, a music academy student in the European Union. 
  • The BIBA-Course are a course for amateurs or young musicians at the beginning of their musical career.
  • The Pedagogic Seminar is a course for brass teachers in music- and cultural schools, and students in teacher training programs that are studying to become a brass teacher.
  • The BIBA Brass Ensemble Academy. 

BIBA 2024