Admission-demands for  the Academy course

Basic and special competences:

Studying or have studied at and Music Academy or equivalent in the European Union, with at least 7,5 ECTS points on instrumental studies for brass instruments. Selection will be made to achieve well balanced chamber music groups for brass: Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone and Tuba


We will be able to accept 38 academy students 

In the different instrument groups the selection will be based on the principle of most academic credits in the field of music.

For the Academy course you have to apply through:

It will be possible to apply between the 19th of February until the 15th of March

If the course isn't full at the 15th of March it will be possible to open up for a late application. 


If you are applying for the academy course, you must also fill out a form for your instrument group on the page - Application forms - 


An Academy student should prepare:
- Solo-pieces
- Etudes
- Chamber music and Orchestral excerpts

During the course the participant have to take part in following subjects:
- Individual lessons in group
- Interpretation with pianist
- Ensemble and Orchestral excerpts
- Seminars and play at masterclasses
- Listen to and take part in concerts during the week

If you are accepted you don´t pay for the course

Because of the effort we put in making good schedules it is not possible to cancel later then four weeks before the course starts! If you cancel later you have to pay the whole course fee!
The course fee for an academy student are 3800 Sek